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Anonymous sent: nope. you don't Kappa, my friend. *hands tissue*


Anonymous sent: i'm not sure you Kappa

Anonymous sent: do you Kappa

Oh, you know we Kappa

Y’know, one more is more than no more.
Woof: And we're allowed breaking blocks and everything, right?
Benja: You do whatever you gotta do, man!
Woof: Can you like craft?
Benja: What do you need to craft?
Woof: I was gonna--
Ryan: He's gonna go straight Battle-Dome on us! (laughs)
Vikk: You see him there with his little brewing stand there in the corner like---!
Woof: I got like a sky base and whatever yo.
Ryan: What did you just make?
Woof: Don't worry about it dude!
Benja: Ah, he named it didn't he?
Woof: I named mine the "THE DONUT OF DESTINY"! I feel like Homer would be proud.

Woofless + Cousins

And a bonus:

Kudos to Woof’s cousin Evan who just came outside vlog-bomb in the background for 9 seconds


Woof: Alright guys, well, I was about to leave, got into my travel clothes aaaand I was like, Hmmm... Woofless Vlog is not a Woofless Vlog unless there's some Papa Woof in there. So let's get some good ol' Papa Woof into the Vlog and he is standing right. next. to. me.
(shoves camera to Papa Woof) Wooooo~
Papa Woof: Hello all Woofless fans. It's Papa Woof here. You're way too close to me, so back off a little bit, young man.
Woof: As you may or may not be able to tell, I'm burnt as a lobster...
Woof: My middle name is now officially Lobster and my family almost dipped me in butter and ate me because I'm like super red and super burnt.