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King Woofless
Via- @ MrWoofless

King Woofless

Via- @ MrWoofless

Ryan: What are you doing today? Waterfalling mining! What about you?
Woof: Dude, that's so hardcore! Hardcore parkour!
Ryan: Do you have safety gear? No, I just swim up the waterfall while I mine.
Woof: If you actually think about it, in irl, that would be difficult! Just sayin', I'm running it through my head right now and my lord...
Woof: That would be pretty attractive.
Vikk: Yo, Rob. Would you like me to waste one arrow?
Woof: Uh yeah, go for it. (builds a wall)
Woof: You were talking to your porcupine bluey and you were saying all these things about how you want to stroke. his. long....
Benja: Spines.
Woof: What are you doing, Vikk? Dude? He's just walking around talking to himself! You okay? Dropping from the sky like--
Vikk: You can take-- You can have blue. (walks into orange)
Woof: Okay alright.
Ryan: Is Vikk doing that thing again?
Vikk: Wha? What thing?
Ryan: Is he talking to himself?
Woof: Yeah!
Vikk: I was telling Rob he could be team blue. I was directing him to his spot.
Woof: Umm, I'm pretty sure you were telling us about your porcupine bluey.
Woof: You know what? This is what I'm gonna say. You guys might've escaped physically, but I escaped emotionally because I had fun. I realized that escaping, going to the real world would have been detrimental to my own health instead I became friends with the warden and I scored a basketball point.
Preston: Yeah, one point, exactly! And that's what you guys should all take from . This is a lesson in value of life, okay?
(Woof passes throught Vikk's portal. sends him to the boat)
Preston: Always score one point if you stay in prison for one more day.
Woof: Oh! Jokes! Haha! I'm on the boat! LOL see ya later!

Ready for war in blood and bones.
Via- @ MrWoofless

Ready for war in blood and bones.

Via- @ MrWoofless

My pantaloons have literally nothing to them!
Anonymous sent: i is thy anonKappa.

Hey anonKappa! Welcome back :] How are the Kappas?

Nap time.
Via- @ MrWoofless

Nap time.

Via- @ MrWoofless