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Little PSA


You guys are pretty chill and all, but sometimes you gotta address things just for the sake of addressing them.

With Woofless now active on tumblr, I wanted to give you guys a reminder. Be respectful and courteous. It’s cool if you send like, “you’re my favorite youtuber <3” or “Thanks for your vids. They make me smile a whole bunch :]”  Those are cool, and would bring a smile to his face just as fan mail should do. Just don’t spam him with fan mail with requests or “get a job”.

Cause that shit can get annoying.

Thank you.

Anonymous sent: I hope you have a great day!

Thanks anon! Hope you have a great day too! :D

Woof: We need-- You know what we need? You know like Goku needs like that spirit bomb? Like, we need all of our viewers to kinda just like HWOOOAAAAAHH and give us like all their support. You know what I mean? Just like, like button, comment, yeah.
Benja: There's no way we can beat something that quick in 2 episodes, you gotta take a lot more than that to charge it.
Dude, I love killing babies.
—TBNRFrags (x)
Woof: It's a terrible thing we've just done guys.
Preston: No, I mean, it could be worse.
Benja: Or we've enlightened them!
Preston: Yeah! exactly! This is teaching. I am Doctor Perston!
Benja: That's a scary thought.
Preston: What? Dude, me being a doctor? That'd be pretty dank stank.
Woof: Eeeeeeerrr... debatable.
Woof: Alright, I'll embracing for PVP... and by embracing PVP, I'm going in my hole underground.
Preston: Yeah, like where the heck is Rob at!? I haven't seen him the whole game! What're you doing?
Woof: I'm the only one with a kill, God darnit!
Vikk: 20 second story. Go Preston!
Preston: Wh- Gaaaaahh I can't do one, I'm just--
Benja: Once upon a time, there was a young little lava mob named Purston. All he wanted in his life is was a million torches--
Preston: No! NO!
Benja: --And that's what he got. (gives Preston a million torches)


……and a bonus


i got bored and went through their instagrams

Anonymous sent: I hope you have a perfect day!

Thanks anon! Hope you have an absolutely perfect day too :]